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What we do

Blenheim’s broad based expertise enables it to provide tailored solutions across the strategic offset spectrum.

Structured finance offset solutions

  • Supporting national assets and economic diversification through creative offset-driven project finance structures.
  • Examples include projects and funds for infrastructure, healthcare, science & education, technology and petrochemicals.

Structured procurement financing

  • Utilising offset and structured finance tools to create competitive pricing and innovative balance sheet treatment.
  • May leverage Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) structures.

Technology development

  • Creating partnerships between technology developers and end-users through offset-funded seed capital.
  • Using procurement wins as an opportunity to showcase corporate technologies throughout a country/region.

Government and corporate consultancy

  • Advisory and programme support to help governments effectively leverage procurement to create economic value.
  • Strategic planning for multinational companies, including forecasting offset obligations and seeking to enhance competitiveness in procurement.

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