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Offsets evolved

Strategic offsets are an increasingly important tool for governments to support their national economic objectives.

The evolution of offsets

Bridging the gap between simple countertrade structures and full industrial participation, strategic indirect offsets have evolved rapidly over the last ten years, and the pace of change is increasing.

As governments work ever harder to ensure that non-local defence and aerospace expenditure does not result in permanent loss to their economies, offset structures and programmes around the world are becoming more rigorous and stretching.

The scale of obligations being generated as a result pose not only challenges for the countries themselves, who have to find ways of rapidly assimilating additional economic activity, but also for major defence companies who need to manage complex obligations quickly and efficiently, or lose an increasingly important competitive edge.

Blenheim is committed to helping governments and companies meet these challenges, delivering innovative solutions and offering economies of scale that cannot be achieved by one company alone through its platform approach.

Our registration with the US Department of State under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regime, and the UK Export Control Organisation, as well as our TRACE membership provide unmatched levels of compliance certainty for companies.

In addition to this Blenheim Capital Services Limited has become first offset provider to be authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), opening the door to enhanced products and services for our clients, whilst at the same time delivering increased peace of mind.

The world of offsets has changed, we are offsets evolved.

We are offsets evolved.


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